I begin painting watercolors in 2018, focusing on subjects I know and surround me at my home. Living in the Adirondack park gives me the wonderous opportunity to paint the wildlife right outside my window. All my early subjects were based on direct observation and photographs of the birds and animals outside my windows.

When I sit down to paint, just to relax, I will often end up painting a bunny or a squirrel. My only explanation is, sometimes bunnies happen. When a particular subject catches my eye I will sketch it out first, sometimes in a sketch book or even directly on watercolor paper. get the base line structure and then

I paint primarily on Arches 156 lb watercolor paper and I use M.Graham paints and a limited pallet of only 14 colors. I limited my pallet to force myself to mix and understand color and to understand how it reacts together. you can get more on my process from my blog.

I frame my paintings in a natural cedar frame that I make myself, sizing them to the painting so it sets the subject with just the right balance. I varnish my watercolors so they don't need glass and you can enjoy the paintings without getting a reflection or glare.
My paintings will range in size from 3" x 3" up to 80" x 24".

Bird Paintings

Eastern Bluebird 2
Kestral on a Wire
Colorfull Owl
Ghost Horned Owl

Bunny Paintings

Sunny Bunny
Bunny  Munching
Bunny Lick Gray
Bunny Peek 3

Other Animals Paintings

Intense Squirrel
Black Lab Stare
Fawn 1

Whimsical Paintings

Bunny 1<BR>Back
Bunny 2
Bunny 3
Bunny 4

Wood Sculptures
Metal Sculptures