Whimsical Paintings

I begin painting watercolors in 2018, focusing on subjects I know and surround me at my home. Living in the Adirondack park gives me the wonderous opportunity to paint wildlife right outside my window. All my early subjects were based on direct observation and photographs of the birds and animals outside my windows.


These are all paintings of a whimsical nature. I had a fellow artist and friend who complained about squirrels continuously raiding his feeder. I painted a little face and made a corner mount and put the painting in the corner of his window in his work shop, just to irk him every time he looks out the window. It puts a smile on his face every time he mentions it staring at him. This is what friends are for. I make the frame from a natural cedar and mount the painting on hard board, sizing each one to the size and orientation of the painting. The result is a painting that fits nicely in a window corner or table.
Most of the corner paintings are 3" by 3" but can get larger as the subject dictates.

Corner Bird 1<BR>Back
Corner Bird 2
Corner Bird 3
Corner Bunny 1
Corner Bunny 2
Corner Squirrel 1
Corner Squirrel 2
Corner Squirrel 3
Corner Squirrel 4
Corner Squirrel 5
Corner Squirrel 6
Corner Squirrel 7

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