Framed Paintings

I begin painting watercolors in 2018, focusing on subjects I know and surround me at my home. Living in the Adirondack park gives me the wonderous opportunity to paint wildlife right outside my window. All my early subjects were based on direct observation and photographs of the birds and animals outside my windows.

I frame my paintings in a natural cedar frame that I make myself, sizing them to the painting so it shows the subject just the way I want it to appear. for each image. I varnish my watecolors wo they don't need glass and you can enjoy the paintings with our getting a reflectino or glare.
My paintings range is size from 3" by 3" to 72" x 18". Click on the images to make them bigger

Bunny Paintings

Bunny Dramatic Pose
Bunny Portrait 1
Bunny Portrait 2
Helping Paw
Sunny Bunny
Bunny  Munching
Bunny 12
Bunny 14
Bunny 15
Bunny 16
Bunny 17
Bunny 18
Bunny 19
Bunny Butt 11
Bunny Butt 12
Bunny Butt 13
Bunny Butt 14
Bunny Lick Gray
Bunny Lick
Bunny Peek 1
Bunny Peek 2
Bunny Peek 3
Bunny Portrait 1
Bunny Portrait 2
Bunny Climb 1
Bunny Climb 2
Bunny Climb 3
Bunny Climb 4
Bunny Climb 5
Bunny Climb 6
Bunny Climb 7
Bunny Climb 8
Bunny Climb 9
Bunny Climb 10
Bunny Climb 11
Sleepy Bunny 3
Sleepy Bunny 1
Sleepy Bunny 2
Sleepy Bunny 4
Sleepy Bunny 5