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Welcome to my explorations into the world of art. I am a self-taught artist, and I enjoy the process of discovery almost as much as making art. Being self-taught allows me to ignore the rules and boundaries of traditional art. After working in an office for 40 years it’s time to let loose. I realized that I have grown older but I've never grow up. I’m not being bound by anything but my imagination.

I paint, draw, sculpt in wood and stone, make metal sculptures, furniture as well as doodads and whatsits. I let the art muse lead me wherever it wants to go. I find that I jump around from painting to sculpture to furniture, all depending on the whim of the day.

My art, sculptures and furniture start with a spark of an idea. That idea will roll around in my head and nag at me till I tackle it. It can start with something as simple as a piece of scrap metal, a piece of drift wood or even an image that just pops into my head. I can visualize the finished item before I even begin creating the piece. The challenge is having the skills to realize the vision, and I enjoy the discovery process as much as making art.

You will find interesting details about what I am doing on my blog. I will share my thoughts and activities as my I continue my journey artist.



Since 1975


Since 1980


Since 1983

Wood Sculpture

Since 1992

Stone Sculpture

Since 2003

Metal Sculpture

Since 2009

Watercolor Paintings

Since 2018


Here are some of my latest works.

Wood Sculptures

White Breasted Nuthatch 2
Rainbow Trout 2
Chickadee Clutch 1
Chickadee 1

Metal Sculptures

Oddstritch - Flame
Steel Bird 2
Steel Bird 3

Stone Sculptures

King Fisher
King Fisher


Sunny bunny
Black Lab focused
Bluebird Bath

Whimsical Paintings

Bunny 1<BR>Back
Bunny 2
Bunny 3
Bunny 4
This is a sampling of my most recent works, check out my full gallery pages for more images and a wider variety of works.



I live in the Adirondacks on the shore of lake Champlain

Please contact me if you have any questions, or want to order any of my paintings

Port Kent, NY
Phone: (518) 217-5747
Email: Ron@MotleyArtist.com